Arguably the best big wave boater in the world right now, Ben has gained a following from his stand-out freestyle segment's in the 'Stakeout' movie, and in 'Dream Result'. Alongside his freestyle prowess, Ben has built an impressive list of accomplishments with record high water descents, international first descents, and dominant creek race results - all contributing to the current view that Ben is a strong contender for the 'best all-around' crown.

Sweet write up in the latest explore magazine, they have me in there as a top adventurer!  Awesome…

Outside Online, One of many Groups Selected for Adventurers of the Year!

The boys and I completed the final un - run section of the Congo River last year, the Inga rapids, so stoked to have gone on such an amazing adventure, we are starting to get a lot of exposure from our trip, a long article in Kayak Session, something coming soon from Canoe Kayak, and this from Outside…  

The movie is due in June!!!  I have seen a sneek peek and it looks epic!

Edit from a fire day on the High Tension wave in Quebec, sometime in June 2011  LOVE THIS WAVE!

Ben Marr - New River Dries Freestyle 2011